Malsum.Org Privacy Policy

No legal terms here, however I will personally state that I DO NOT share, sell, or otherwise put your information at risk of being abused in any sort of way. I don't keep web server logs for longer than a week, and only to slow down or stop abuse/spam/server security. They then are rotated out of existence. This server is run by exactly one person, me. I do however have Piwik (now Matomo) running, for curiosity reasons (and partly to combat spam/abuse too), and I don't keep logs there for longer than a week either.

I do keep my server up to date, and as you might be able to tell, it's a pre-rendered site.

I still see spam bots trying to access some sort of CMS things, and it's funny to me, as there's nothing there for them to register spam accounts.

Here is my word: I will never ever sell or abuse your data. Period.

I'm no lawyer, but hopefully this puts your mind at ease.

You can opt-out from Matomo below.

Have an awesome day :).


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